These days there are an increasing number of people switching to Gluten Free. 


Not to be out-done we have devised our own Gluten Free recipes that are indeed meaning more people can now enjoy delicious home baked food. 


So when it comes to Gluten Free eating why not give us a go and see what you think. 


You can buy our Gluten Free cakes and bakes by calling the bakery. If you would like to guarantee getting what you need we're happy to take orders that can be collected from the bakery. We need a minimum of 48 hours for these.


Please note: 

Whilst we take every care possible to ensure there is no cross contamination we cannot 100% guarantee that our gluten free range does not contain trace amounts of wheat flour. Therefore it is our duty to recommend that customers with Coeliac disease purchase with caution.

Victoria Sponge Cake
Bakewell Slice
Lemon Drizzle
Coffee Walnut

Gooey Chocolate Brownie


Original Flapjack


Chocolate Flapjack

Lemon Drizzle


Raspberry Bakewell


Rocky Road

Lemon Blueberry 


Classic Victoria


Chocolate Fudge


Carrot & Walnut


Lemon Victoria

Coffee Walnut